Saturday, October 29, 2011

Freebie Friday a Day Late :0)

Well, last week was a wild one and I thought for once I was gonna have my act together but apparently not!  I am just now getting my post done for yesterday!  Oh well, at least it is done.

It's Freebie Friday at Jen's Digi Stamps Blog and it is a cutie!  I used the stamp to make an ornament.  I printed it two times, one I flipped then colored them both.  Then I just added a bow, wire for the antennae and a string to hang it.  When I glued them back-to-back I made sure not to glue the wings together so that I could separate them so it looked like he was flying.

 I have a little tip for projects that you color then cut out.  Try to cut right on the black out line then after you are finished cutting, take your black marker and lay it on the side of the cut and run it along side the cut edge.  That will make the white edges black and it helps cover up your cutting mistakes!  I do this with all my cuts.
I hope you enjoy the little critter.

I wanted to also remind you that the image is still available on the blog.  All you have to do is right click on it and choose "save image..." and choose where you will store it on your computer then you can insert it into a blank document and print it out any size you want!

I thought it would be neat for teachers to add it onto notes home or on worksheets or even make cute little Christmas cards for their students.  Just a few of many ideas I am sure you can come up with!
I hope you are enjoying a relaxing Saturday.


  1. Jana,
    Thanks for telling me about the digi stamps. I saved it and now I'm gonna give it a shot. I love your blog. All your projects are amazing.

  2. What a cutie..Love his antennas!!! Great use of the stamp in making it an ornament..very creative!!! I use that tip with the black marker all the
    Puppy Hugs,