Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Colorful Colorado

Hi Everyone and welcome to all of my new followers that joined during the Doggie Walk.  Thanks so much to all that participated, it was so much fun and there were so many kind comments left, thanks for all of the encouraging words! And a BIG thanks to Wendy and Gilby of Gilby's Crafster blog  for inviting us to play along.  Thanks Wendy!  BTW, you can check Wendy's blog for a list of the winners of the "Doggie Treats".

This summer my family went to my husband's old stompin' grounds in Colorado.  My daughters had never been out of state and were so excited and they were just in awe of the beauty God has created there.  The next few days I will be sharing some of the layouts that I am creating for our Colorado scrapbook.  The girls are dying to go back in the winter so I will have more to add.

Here is the page that will start the album.  I was kinda bummed that I didn't get a picture of the "Welcome to Colorful Colorado" sign that you see when going over Raton pass.  We got caught in a hail storm!  It was actually a nice surprise (not dangerous, though) because we hadn't gotten any rain in Texas ALL summer so rain was welcomed in any form :)
So I made my own "Colorful Colorado" sign using my Gypsy on the trip home.  It is similar to the graphics on the real sign.  I used Don Juan for the font and Enjoy the Seasons Imagine cartridge to fill in the letters.  not necessarily my favorite patterned paper but I like the way it turned out.  We took a TON of pictures so I tried to include some of the ones that wouldn't necessarily "star" in a page of their own across the bottom.  Although, those darling chipmunks will be seen again!
The little mountain scene came from Campin' Critters, which I bought JUST for this project.  It has so much in it that fits, LOVE IT!
The flowers were cut from Mother's Day Bouquet and filled with Enjoy the Seasons also.  I decided, or it was my mood at the time, that I want to keep the layouts pretty simple so the beautiful scenery can be the focus, so I am using white for most of the background papers.  I'll use some patterns but I want to keep it clean and simple.
In addition to focusing on the pictures, I am also choosing a scripture to go with each layout.  For this page I chose Isaiah 40:12 - "Who has measured the waters in the hollow of His hand, or with the breadth of His hand marked off the heavens? Who has held the dust of the earth in a basket, or weighed the mountains on the scales and the hills in a balance?"  Sometimes I find it hard to understand the power that God really has on this earth, but the earth itself is proof of His power to create.  I loved the scripture and about how He made this earth with His hands, so I decided to put my hand to the layout.  I hand painted the  branches and tendrils coming out from the flowers.  I am pleased with it.  To Him the glory I give.
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Doggie Walk Time!

Hello everyone!
Tiki and I are so glad you stopped in at my blog. *Sit*, *Stay* and have fun!  If you are here to participate in "Gilby's Makeover Walk" blog hop, then welcome!  *Shake* good :)  If you just happened by and would like to start from the beginning then you need to stroll on over and check out Wendy and Gilby's fabulous blog with it's adorable new look.  That is where you begin.  Just click on the picture below and it will take you there!
Gilby's Craftster Blog Hop
If you are already on the walk then *Good Blogger*, Yay!!  I'm glad you are here :)   Ok, are the doggy commands too much ? Hehehe...just trying to get into the spirit of the walk!  Tiki got dressed up for the occasion, hope you like her pretty bow!
 I loved the theme of this "makeover" walk because it made me start thinking of a project I have been putting off for....about....uuuummmm.....7 years now!  :O  Yep, I am quite the procrastinator, especially for big projects and this is one of them.

About 8 years ago, my husband and I embarked on a journey to create a true home for our family.  Everyone thought we were nuts and honestly, at times, we thought we were nuts too.

We took a house that was built in 1906 and that had not been lived in for almost 40 years, removed the entire roof, cut it in half and moved it to our land in the country.  As you can see in the top photo, IT WAS A MESS!  I won't bore you will all the details but I will say that this picture actually makes it look pretty good compared to what it really looked like.  It took me, my husband and both of our fathers 14 months to renovate this house and now, 7 years later it has become our home.  I hope you enjoy my makeover project because honestly, the house needed it.  After the pictures and description you will find more info about the Doggie Walk so scroll on down!

For this project I used only white paper and the Country Carnival Imagine cartridge and a few pop dots here and there.  I have been wanting to use this one for a while.  It is not really my aesthetic but I think it goes well with the vintage feel of the house.  I plan on using Vintage Damask and Vintage Papers in this new album I will be creating that will record the entire process of the renovation.  It's quite a story and I will be sharing it here as I slowly work on it between other projects.
This is what the house looked like as it sat in the little town we moved it from.  This pic was taken about two years before we moved the house.  It got a lot worse looking in those two years.
There was an antique climbing rose bush that grew in front of the long wrap around porch when this house sat in town and the house mover was kind enough to dig it up with a huge root ball and set it aside so it could be planted along side the house in it's new home in the country but over night someone stole it right off the sidewalk!  The nerve of some people......anyway, I thought the roses on this cartridge were nice and paid homage to the beautiful roses that once were in front of the house.  I now have 5 rose bushes beside the house :)
Here is the house after we finished.  What a change huh?  This was about 3 years after we moved in since we had grass!  Before then there was nothing but dirt and cactus!  We are really proud of our home and even the cactus and mesquite that surround it.
The house cut came from the Handy Man Lite cartridge, which was a perfect cartridge to buy for a house renovation project.  I plan to use it a lot also.  I used Crystal Glaze and Stickles to make the door look like the door on our house.  These letters were cut with all the layers but the ones on top were cut as one layer.

I hope you enjoyed the project and are inspired to make over something.  I would think long and hard before you choose a house to make over!  Ever since, we have said if we had it to do all over again, we would build from the ground up!  But there is no fear of that, I'm not moving.....ever!!!!  :)

Now more Doggie Walk info and by the way, Tiki, my sweet Llaso just HAD to be a part of it when she found out Gilby and Princess Penelope got to play too!  There may be other sweet pups along the way also.  I wanted you to know that as you are frolicking through all the blogs on the walk, that for every comment you leave (there can be 16 total, one on each blog) then you are entered to win one of the puppy treats listed below.  That's 16 chances to win!!!!  There will be 7 winners, now how awesome is that!???  I would love for you to become a follower and then leave a comment and a way to get in touch, good luck and have a howling good time!
Tiki has been drooling over all the Puppy Treats and incredible sponsors for this walk.  Check them out!

VK Design Co. Blog Button (our Very own Veronica)
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Peechy Keen Stamps 2 Stamp Sets (Brand new Happy Go Lucky Dog Face Assortment & the same set but in the 1 1/8" size)
Our Craft Lounge Stamp Set (Pretty and Pampered)
Pink By Design $15 Gift Certificate to Her Store
Gilbyscraftster 3 Cricut Cartridges The Limited Winter Collection, Cricut Color Markers,
"Tarte" Clay Mascara (love) I know silly huh? It is a "Makeover" Hop though lol


Sooooo, thanks for stopping by, now go *fetch* some more inspiration and have fun!
Here is the line up and it's a good one!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Doggie Walk" Blog Hop starts tomorrow!

I am so excited to be in my first blog hop that begins in the morning.  My blogger friend Wendy and her pupster Gilby are celebrating their blog makeover with a fun Doggy Walk blog hop.  The line up of bloggers is great and I feel so blessed to have been invited to be a part of it.  So check back tomorrow and begin with Wendy and Gilby here.  THERE WILL BE DOGGIE TREATS ALONG THE WAY!  So come along and be inspired and you might win something too!
Gilby's Craftster Blog Hop

Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Labor Day everyone!

(This is a disclaimer for this post...I THOUGHT I clicked "publish post" on Monday when I wrote this post! LMBO!!!  But obviously when I came into my computer room tonight, I had not.  Hate to waste a good post filled with well wishes :)  So, a little Labor Day flashback if you will!  (Sheesh!  Somedays I think my brain has been completely sucked out by my children!)

I hope everyone is having a terrifically lazy day.  That is exactly what I am doing.  Hopping around on all the wonderful craft blogs out there and doing nothing else.  I just might do some creating later in the day but no promises!

I wanted to let you all know that starting on 9/23 I will be participating in my first ever blog hop!  I was invited by the sweet Wendy form Gilby's Craftster, she is getting her blog made over and is having a blog hop celebration with prizes and everything!  SO, on the 23rd stop by and you can get started on maybe YOUR first blog hop.  I will have directions for you on how to do the hop if it's your first.  It will be a fun and inspirational day.  If you don't want to miss out just enter your email address at the top right of my blog to get my posts in your inbox.  Happy Lazy, I mean Labor Day!