Sunday, April 15, 2012

Organizing Your Markers

Happy Sonday Everyone!
This is the day the Lord has made...(the crowd says)...let us rejoice and be glad in Him!  That is the way we started our church service today.  It makes me smile to hear so many people unashamed to proclaim the word of God.
Today is not Pinterest playtime but I had a few people ask me how I organize my markers, especially my Copic markers so I thought I would show you how I do mine.  Maybe it will spark a little idea for you.

For my Copic markers, I used the drawer organizers that are made to go inside the drawers for the cube storage systems.  It took two sets to do this for mine but you could do it with just one set.  Be sure to use your 50% off coupon from Michaels or Hobby Lobby so it is cheaper.  I had these in a few of my drawers and they were not being used so I took them out.
I slid the boards together like you are supposed to assemble them and then I used my hot glue bug and ran a bead along the seams so they would stay in place and not slide apart.  Then I set them on my shelf and the on the right side I actually ran a bead of hot glue under the 4 boards that touch the right wall so they would not sag and to also make it more stable.  
There is also hot glue on each side of the vertical boards where they meet the shelve.  This makes it semi-permanent.  You can always peel the hot glue off and remove the dividers easily.  This system works great for me and then when I am on the go I just put them in some snap lock containers and I am off!

Right next to my copics I have all my other markers like my Creative memory markers, gel pens, and even some of my tools.  These are in juice packet containers like the Crystal light but I bought the Great Value brand ones from Walmart that are rectangular instead of oval.  To make them nice and sturdy so they wouldn't slip apart I first ran some hot glue on the outside and stuck them together.  As soon as I got the glue cooled I then added a staple for good measure.
I did it row by row, gluing then stapling and then I actually put a little glue on the shelf and glued the set down so there wouldn't be any slipping and it works GREAT!
You can do this with the oval ones also you just have a tiny bit more storage space in these and less gaps in between.
I hope this is helpful to you.  I decided a while back that I wanted to help out with organizing ideas along with crafting ideas.  How do you store your markers??  I would love to hear, I am always up for improvements.
Thanks for stopping by and may your day be blessed with God's Grace,

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