Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Week One Done!!

Well, it only took me a month to finish week one of the Your Living Canvas Workshop!  Sheesh, I don't know what I was thinking starting something a week before school let out but I sure am glad I did!!!  This has really been a great time of reflection, introspection and fellowship with all the wonderful ladies participating in the workshop.  If you are interested in the workshop just check it out HERE, you will be glad you did, Christy Tonlinson and Art McCracken (fun name!) are awesome!
So a quick update on some of the accomplishments of week one in case you would like to journal along.  If you missed any of my previous posts and would like to catch up just click on "Living Canvas Workshop" or Art Journal" in the labels on the right sidebar.
There were four writing prompts, I will show you two tonight and be back with the other two soon. The theme for the week is butterflies, the symbol of change.
 1. Write down three trials, heartaches, or mistakes you have made in your life.  Well, I felt like the caterpillar was the one that had to experience the trials and heartaches in order to change into the butterfly so I created a caterpillar.  I chose words from my journaling to emphasize because my journaling itself was WAY too personal.  I guess I was still dealing with the weight of some of my mistakes so I wrote them down (for the first time ever) and then painted right over them!  I have to tell you it felt good to "get them out" even though no one can see them, God and I, know they are there and I know I have been forgiven as only He can forgive.

 2. Write down three experiences in your life that have brought change (good or bad).   After some rough experiences with a co-worker several years ago some one told me "Kindness is not weakness and rudeness is not strength," and that has really stuck with me especially when dealing with hard topics and confrontation (which I avoid like the plague!)  Some people are just rude by nature as a way of posturing their "so called" strength over you.  To me that is a true sign of weakness and self-doubt.  Hard lesson to learn though.  My journaling on these pages are behind the doors.  You know the saying, "when one door opens another closes," I thought it appropriate since one of the situations I wrote about was the end of a long time, stressful friendship.  It still haunts me a bit and I am working on forgiving myself for the situation.

 I made these fun butterflies with modeling paste and stencils on wax paper.  FUN!
There were two more journaling prompts for week one that I will share with you once I photograph my pages.  This has been a good thing, looking at different aspects of my life.  One reason it took me so long to finish week one was due to a revival at my church.  It was a truly amazing experience watching God work in my life and the lives of my family and friends.  Probably the most important thing I learned from the revival for me was that God truly provides for us when we need Him to most.  The preacher said, "Where God guides, He provides, where He leads, He feeds."  I believe it all!


  1. I tried to leave a comment but I think blogger is having issues. I love your work. The colors and textures are beautiful! I am in this class and haven't completed week one yet. You did a beautiful job!

  2. Jana, this is awesome my friend! I am so glad you did the workshop! Love your journal! Miss ya!
    Miranda :)