Saturday, February 23, 2013

Distressed Ink Holder Cover

If your a traveling scrapper like myself, everything has to have a cover to protect it on the road.  So, as I told you in my last post, I created a cover for my distressed ink holder that I made.  Check out my previous post to see how I made it.  Here is what the cover looks like while on the unit.
See how the ribbon handle pops up through the top?  The cover is about a 7" square and it is about 12 1/2" inches tall, so it isn't really big.  It just slides down over the top of the unit.  I made it this way so it wouldn't have to be made super sturdy to hold the weight of the unit.
Just an FYI for anyone wanting to make one, I used medium weight chipboard I purchased in the art department at Hobby Lobby and when I mod podged the paper to the outside it made the sides bough and that drove me nuts so I took some heavy chipboard 6" squares I had and used Aileen's Turbo Tack glue and put then on the inside and now the walls are a perfect square! Well as close to perfect as I could get :)
Here is the cover and the storage unit side-by-side.  I love it!  Now I am afraid I am going to feel the need to fill all the slots with distressed inks!  Lol!

Please let me know if you need any tips or advice on making one.  I would be glad to help but just a reminder that I used the wonderful pattern from this blog - Jen's Joint.  She has very generously provided PDF's you can print with the instructions, pictures and labels for your ink pads.  If you make one be sure to tell her thanks!