Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Whimsy Side of Easter

He is risen!  He is risen indeed!  Christ's resurrection is certainly the real Easter celebration but I am in the mood for spring and all that it brings along with the renewal of life that Christ's resurrection brings.  It was 84 degrees here yesterday and all the birds (and bugs) came out to see what was going on.  The chirping and scurrying about of critters is giving me a bad case of spring fever!  So I decided I wanted to do a little decorating in anticipation of Easter.
Thanks to the amazing talents of Mary at SVG I was able to create this adorable little Easter village.  It is from the set "Cottontail Village."  I have really been in the mood to "build" so this really caught my eye.  You can find the cutting files and a video on how to assemble each little house at  They even have a special going on this week, purchase at least 9.98 of other cuts, add the Cottontail Village and then add FREEGIFT to your shopping cart and you get 6.99 discount!  It was not hard to purchase another $9.98, I got some other Easter things as well.
So, enough babbling, here is the cute little village:
I am no photographer so forgive the bad lighting and blurry images :)  Each of these is not only a cute little house, but a box as well.  It could be filled with Easter goodies and given to a child or even one of your trues! (that would be a bestie, if you don't know what a true is)  I will be using mine as decoration on my dining room table, I think. 
The Mushroom House.  I am pretty sure a darling little field mouse lives here and it stores food for winter up in the cap of the mushroom to help get it through winter so it doesn't have to come into my pantry :)
I was trying to think of another critter to build this one for then I realized, I live in the country...there needs to be plenty of housing for mice to keep them out of mine :)
The Egg House. It is obvious, (isn't it) who lives here.  The Easter Bunny!  Can't you see the little bunny over the door? If not it's because of my blurry picture, sorry)  This bunny has been spiffing up it's house in preparation for the big day.  It will be dropping by your house giving you eggs and chocolates. What a small gesture considering all that Jesus has given us.

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  1. This is a gorgeous set Jana...LOVE it! What lucky little mice you have living near you lol Not to mention the beautiful Easter Bunny's house :) The little bunny button is perfect above the door. I think I'm going to have to go and buy these now...then I just need a spare day or two to make them!! You've done a beautiful job of putting yours together and I love your paper choices and the little embellishments on each one. Thanks for sharing the photos with us :)