Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Distress Ink Pads and Copic Marker Match Up

I hope all is well with everyone.  Today I have something for you that I hope you will find helpful.  I searched all over the internet for a chart or a list that has copic markers matched up with the Tim Holtz Distressed Ink Pads.  There was not one anywhere that I could find.  So I had to make my own!
 I finally completed my collection of the inks and started thinking it would be nice to have matching markers.  The problem was, I have over 300 Copic markers, I DO NOT need to buy any other markers.  So the easy fix for this problem would be to purchase the Tim Holtz Distressed Markers but I can never seem to do what is easy!!  :)
Another advantage of making this chart, for me, is that when I travel to scrapbook (which is almost always) I won't feel the need to take all 300 of my Copics.  I can take the 48 that match my ink pads, surely that will be enough!
Here is the chart that I came up with.  If you want to right click and copy it you can. It is a JPEG file, so if you want me to email it to me then just leave a comment and I will do that.  Please read the information below the chart for more details.
Here is the link to the PDF:
One of the things you might notice is some of the matches are not perfect.  Well, that is because the Copics are not made with the same inks as Ranger uses for the Distress Inks.  Distress inks are a water based ink and Copics are alcohol based, so if they are a perfect match then lucky us! :)
Some of the colors, no matter how many colors of Copics I have, still don't really match in my opinion but I think you would be able to get away with using them together.  I am afraid that one thing that might have affected some of the matching was the florescent lights in my studio.  PLEASE!  If you know of a better match than what I have then please share it with me as I will be tweaking this chart to get it as close to perfect as possible.
Another thing to consider - if a Copic is a good match but is a lighter shade, it might take a few overlapping strokes to get the copic to the shade of the ink pad.
There are a few of the colors, you will notice, that have two Copic numbers listed.  That is because neither are a perfect match but both were too close not to list.  I have put an asterisk * next to the one of the two that is used in the sample.
You will also notice that there are 3 colors at the bottom of the column farthest on the right that have a square sample for the ink pad and a number sign #.  I do not own these colors so I found sample off the internet to match them with so the actual inks may vary, so a better match may exist.
This was a time consuming process! I went through several charts before I came to this one and I am sure I will be second guessing the colors on this one.  So, if I make changes, I will post the newest version.  Also, I will try and figure out how to post it as a PDF.  That will probably make it easier to download.  If you know anyone else that might be able to make use of it then please send them to my blog!


  1. Hi Jana, this is a great idea. Thanks for sharing all your hard work. I'll save the Jpeg as a PDF and send it to you if you like, to post here for downloading. Email me at if you'd like to do that :)

  2. This is amazing thanks so much for doing all this work and sharing it with us. I have printed it out and it will keep it for reference.

  3. I just ran across your chart, what a great idea, thank you!!

  4. I love this and thank you for all your hard work. Can you please email it to me? I copied, but can't make it big enough to read the numbers without distorting. Thanks so much, Susan

    1. Hi Susan, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I will gladly email you the chart if you will give me a little time to rescan it. The original scan is on my old laptop that recently died so I will get it to you as soon as I can.

  5. Thank you! Just saw this on Pinterest and will play with it some myself! Hugs!

  6. Thank you for sharing a huge time consuming project with us! Very much appreciate! Many Thanks

  7. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing. I've tried to print it out, but my colors are so off, which is due to my printer. You give an inch and here I am asking for a yard, *cringe* but I was wondering if you had a copy of the blank chart? Thanks! :)

  8. Thank you for doing this! I am going to share your blog and this post to my Facebook group Passionate Paper Creations and Friends. I hope you don't mind. I am asking all our members to come say thank you and join your blog.

  9. Awesome idea, thank you so much for this table, hugs, Marion

  10. Wow thanks for sharing this with us out there in facebook land. This will come in handy.

  11. Thank you for compiling and sharing this fabulous chart!

  12. This is great. Thanks for all your work. Can I also have a copy as my eyes aren’t too good. Thank you. Xx

  13. Thank you for sharing this useful chart. I will but your blog link on my Colours n Cards facebook page so other may also use your chart.

  14. Thank you so much for sharing! This will come in super handy!

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